Flotation therapy / 2 pax

$79.00 IVA included

What is a flotation therapy?

It is a tub filled with saline water, composed of 40% magnesium bisulfate that induces the body to -float. It is located in a dark room, with special fiber optic lights simulating the stellar space in the ceiling, dimly lit environment and music with vibrational frequency of healing that travels through the water, the same that you can choose in your most related color.

It is a space where you will find yourself, reconnecting you even to the beginning of your existence in your mother’s womb. You could even fall asleep letting your body receive and release the energetic charges.

More benefits

This space is designed to provide a deep state of relaxation. It reduces stress. Reduces muscle tension and chronic pain. Accelerates physical recovery and rehabilitation from injuries. ONLY AT HOTELSPA MANSION SANTA ISABELLA