Purification circuit

$99.26 IVA included

We offer you a unique ancestral tradition. A purification bath, ideal to receive the new year, or any time you feel energized or renewed instantly.

It consists of a circuit of 4 baths. After a complete shower

Detoxifying bath: we enter the sauna, which is equipped with a decoction of bitter herbs that encourage the detoxification of “lower bodies”: physical, emotional, mental and etheric.
Relaxing Bath: We go to the polar pool, cold water with mineral salts, such as Vichy salt.
Balancing Bath: We enter the steam bath, where our stone cauldron contains in parity hot and fresh plants.
Bath of Love and Happiness: Finally our large yacusi awaits you decorated with candles, rose petals, water at the right temperature to relax and enhanced with aromas and sweet essences.

Hydrating drinks are included.