Secret escape / 2 pax

$104.50 IVA included

The priest’s cave, romantic subway bar of the mansion, unique in its style. Ideal for private celebrations, delight yourself with its wine cellar and marvel your partner in an atmosphere that will transport you back in time. People perceive the world through the senses, that’s how:

Sight: fundamental for the romantic dinner, as it will surely be the first sense to realize what is happening. For this, the decoration is key, but also the way you choose to dress.

Taste: dinner and wines

Smell: candles, petals and aromatic flowers.

Touch: petals and your partner’s skin will make a wonderful combination.

Hearing: think about music and create a playlist according to the dinner. We have some specific tips below.

One of the most romantic surprises you can prepare to propose marriage is through a whole dinner full of great flavors, delicacies and above all sweetness. So if you have in your mind to create one of these ideas to propose to your favorite person. Don’t forget that the most special ingredient will be love!